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After a nice short 3D/2N saturday and sunday in Bangkok, it is time for you to go air travel and home home is on MAS MH775. This Cathay Pacific Lounge is a much more better lounge in term of comfort, facilities, food and beverages compared to the CP Lounge which MAS uses for its business class and frequent fliers. A short 1h40′ airline flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur.

It also will most of the work as far as brand identification and warehousing and delivery of your product. You may be necessary to keep a certain amount of inventory readily available but it can frequently be held in a wardrobe or spare room within your house. With less preliminary startup cost, hardly any advertising cost (you and person to person are your advertising), no employee or storefront expense this is a much better option for the average indivdual looking to start a home based business.

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4. MULTI LEVEL MARKETING – MLM and direct marketing are similar in many respects. An MLM company uses its money to motivate its distributors and not towards the national public through advertising campaigns. When looking at MLM, you might have heard of companies such as Shaklee or Scent-sations. The largest difference between Direct Marketing and MLM is that Multilevel Marketing can be involved with selling product but adds the team development aspect.

You, as a network professional, would help others create their own house based business and present them training on how to build it stronger and in turn help even more people. That is called your downline. You get paid not only on what product you sell however the product they sell as well. It is therefore in your best interest to help your downline become successful, just as it is important for your upline to help you be successful. The money is used by The parent company it saves from advertising to pay you.

They also spend it on improving the merchandise, creating more products that you can promote, creating new tools that you can be successful, providing education classes, and offering other bonus deals such as money, vacations, cars and other bonuses. They look after all the production costs, the warehousing, the handling of payments and the delivery.

Most of the nice MLM companies don’t require one to keep inventory readily available however they do require that you get and use their product. Each company has a different necessity about how much you are required to buy each month to become a distributor. Like immediate marketing this course of action is a great starting place for many of people looking to begin a home business.

It has hardly any startup cost and very little risk. You can work this business while keeping your “real job”. It could be used in an effort to make simply a little extra every month or if it’s your goal, you can use it to replace your current income.