Monday, May 23, 2019

You have a note From randomblogger on Etsy. I am a stay at home mother and I’ve a blog that I frequently update at called RandomBlog. My blog has over 800 followers and a Google page rank of 3. I really do an attribute on my blog called the “Etsy Shops I REALLY LIKE”. I simply found your shop, and I had been wondering if you would be thinking about sending me one of your adorable products, and is quickly shall post pictures and an assessment of it on my blog. I can execute a giveaway of your projects also! I’m sure you would get some new business from it!

Please i want to know if you want and what information you’ll need from me. These email messages are got by me on a semi-regular basis. I don’t know why, but they are mostly from women who’ve blogs focused on raising children in aesthetically pleasing environments. Somebody inform me why this is.

And don’t tell me it’s because these are former corporate and business sharks who gave it up to be always a stay at home mother, and now they’re broke and want free cupcake stands. Mostly, I disregard these emails, since it appears to be a transparent trolling free of charge stuff. This last email I received was annoying to me particularly, which is no big offer since I get irritated very easily.

And on a regular basis. Perhaps, I should do more yoga or stop consuming so much coffee. EASILY have one minute I want to burn off, I will take a quick look at your blog merely to see what I’m working with. This specific Randomblogger gathers supporters by offering giveaways to the people who turn into a post and follower a comment. I guess the majority of followers are people who want free stuff.

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Not my demographic. Most articles had zero responses. Unsurprising, because the content was in depth discourse about family travels, baby milestones, and free-ranging views regarding the pros and cons of stuff that I don’t care about. Which is fine, bloggers are absolving to write about whatever they want, but don’t use your blog with a Google page rank of 3– which is not so good– as a quid pro quo. This email itched at me.

I think it’s unethical to ask for free items that you will then write a “review” on. Thank you for your email. As a policy, I never give away my artwork in trade for an assessment, a blog write-up, or as a giveaway. Bloggers reveal my work all the time because they would like to spread the word to their readers and support what I do for a living. I’ve found that offering my work will not generate meaningful business. Thank you for thinking about me and good luck with your site. I did not hear back again, thanking me for my delicate slap in the facial skin.