Kansas State Board Of Technical Professions

Businesses must renew their Kansas Certificate of Authorization every 2 yrs to avoid expiration and/or cancellation. Each Certificate a business keeps needs renewed separately by the main in accountable charge. Business names beginning with letters A-L renew in even-numbered years and business names you start with letters M-Z renew in odd-numbered years. Each renewal period allows 60 times to renew before certificate expiration and then yet another 60-day sophistication period before certificate cancellation. A business might not offer to practice/ make any bids with an expired or canceled certificate.

The only way I could see of achieving setting properties would be to make a function and pass them into a Java course method. With this course I should have the ability to pass in the e-mail properties and store them ready to be retrieved in the main email course. The function necessary to be authorized with essbase which was done using a mail command. So now I could use the custom function @SetEmailProps in a small business guideline script passing in two string parameters one as the key and the other as the value.

The only problem is you can’t just use the function any place in a script it has to be treated like a Calc command word. The rule validated and ran without mistakes, so it was time to make a Java class which would retrieve the properties and send the e-mail predicated on them.

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Basically the class gathers the e-mail information which includes been stored within the previous script, it assigns all the properties to factors and sends an email based on them then. The class was compiled and put into the prevailing jar. As I want to use variables in the continuing business, I decided that I’d have the email subject, the email source and the SMTP server as global variables that’ll be continuous values.

As it is likely a contact will be required to be submitted more than one business guideline I decided to place the script in a Macro so it could be called from any business rule and parameters handed down in. I simply selected these as variables to be transferred in to show what can be achieved; they could easily all be set as global continuous variables.

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