Central Government or circumstances Government and used for the Government purposes unconnected with any commercial enterprise. Government which has control over that starting or specialist. Explanation:- For the purpose of this section, “Claims Tribunal” means a Claims Tribunal constituted under section 165 and “award” means an award made by that Tribunal under section168. Chapter shall affect the rights of the third party against the insured person in respect of the balance.

Chapter privileges against any particular insurance company, that insurer will be at the mercy of the same responsibility as is imposed by the said sub-section on the individuals therein mentioned. 147 will be valid unless such third party is a ongoing party to the settlement. The provisions of section 150, 151 and 152 shall not apply where a company is wound up voluntarily merely for the purpose of reconstruction or of an amalgamation with another company.

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Explanation:- For the removal of uncertainties, it is hereby declared that such considered transfer shall include transfer of privileges and liabilities of the said certificate of insurance and plan of insurance. So long as except to such extent and with such adjustment as may be prescribed, the provisions of the sub-section shall not apply t the driver of a transport vehicle. 146 will not apply.

166 shall make an application for the purpose of making application for settlement under this section as they apply for the goal of making applications for settlement referred to in that sub-section. Act or any other regulation or otherwise so much of the other compensation or other amount aforesaid as is add up to the payment paid under section 161 shall be refunded to the insurer. The Central Government might, keeping because the cost of living by notification in the Official Gazette, every once in awhile amend the Second Schedule. 163-B. Option to file claim in certain cases, – Where a person is entitled to claim settlement under section 140 and 160-A, he shall file the state under either of the said sections rather than under both.

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