How To BUILD A HTML Web Gallery In Lightroom

With the increasing recognition of the iPad and iPhone it’s no more appropriate for most of us to make Flash centered web galleries – they just can’t be easily viewed on these devices. If you’d like everyone to be able to see your galleries then you need to create them as HTML galleries and not Flash. Lightroom has a variety of HTML Templates you can use to create a acceptable looking gallery in a very short time.

To make your web gallery in Lightroom begin by placing your images in an assortment. This helps it be easier that you should use the images and you will save the gallery and that means you can edit it in future if needed. Select your Collection and change to the Web module.

From the Layout Style options, you can choose Lightroom HTML gallery or, easier still, from the Template Browser panel on the left of the display, decide on a gallery that is situated. If you try looking in the preview area the HTML gallery templates all have the letters HTML in their bottom left corner.

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Select a template to use. From your toolbar (press T if it isn’t visible), choose All Filmstrip Photos if you have an assortment selected which will add all the images to your gallery. Everything you see on the screen in the editing and enhancing area is a live version of your web gallery.

You can select any image to view it as it will look on the net. Open the Site Info panel and type a Site Title, a Collection Title and a Collection Description. If you don’t want to use many of these simply delete the placeholder text message for those items you don’t want to use and the area they take up in the template will be freed for use for your images.

For the Contact Info, type your contact name if desired and then complete the net Or Mail Link and this will be connected automatically to the contact name in the net gallery. You can include an identity dish to the gallery, if desired, it will sit down above the Site Title. You can web page link it back again to your site if desired by completing the Mail or Web Hyperlink package. THE COLOUR Palette options let you change the colors for the various elements in the website template. In the looks panel you can set the thumbnail image grid size – it defaults to 3 x 3 and can’t be any smaller but it could be considerably larger.

If you want to show cell numbers on the images you can certainly do so – this is useful when you need to give viewers an easy way to identify images they like. Images are numbered sequentially and if you have multiple web pages the images on the next web page continue sequentially from the numbering from the first page.