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I’m presently at the “product-examining” stage and it could be a bit daunting at times. I need to find bag manufacturers and maybe good at graphical design to help with the entire “look” someone. Thanks for your help it has been much appreciated. Do you put a best by date on your goodies? I’ve a German Shepherd who comes with an extremely delicate abdomen, anything from a family pet store caused him severe vomiting.

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We found some DIY dishes online for goodies and he keeps them down such as a champ! Works out, he won’t even TASTE your pet store brands any more! This inspired me to want to make dog treats for other people who may be fighting a puppy with a delicate belly and even just want something natural and healthy for his or her furry friend.

I absolutely treasured this website post, I’ve gone through so many that are blunt and make ZERO sense, yours is well organized, and quick to the true point but filled with information at the same time. Thank you so much! I’ve read all of your questions and just about all of these can be responded by purchasing the book he mentions above.

It is high-lighted, simply click on it, and you will get to it. It’s Called “Bake a Dog a Bone.” I purchased it and it is just a God-send for those folks starting out in this business. It’s an e-book so you should have it immediately. Read it all. Its very easy to comprehend and follow.

What about State and Federal regulatory requirements for pet foods. Just questioning about any permits to sell dog goodies (cooked goods only) I live in California and want to have an on-line shop. I’m concerned about state licensing and responsibility insurance. What if for some reason my dog treats result in a dog to get ill? They are organic Yes, and the ingredient list is incredibly simple but that doesn’t mean your dog can’t come with an allergy to something like peanut butter.

I’ve already started to experiment selling my goodies at various events. I’m not concerned that they won’t sell. I have an important question.12 months that they had 10 Good planners said last, 000 visitors in 5 hours just! May be a straightforward concept to someone out there and would be of value to me. I’m lost. Love the dog park idea too! Thank you and tips appreciated.

Also, besides a business license, will there be anything else that I have to obtain? Thanks a lot for posting such a detailed article about the doggie treat business. Now I feel a bit more ready and self-confident to get the ball moving soon! I am starting to make, and sell homemade dog biscuits but unsure what things to ask on price! A Instagram is experienced by me accounts and its a dog profile. I have a whole lot of dog fans and they’ll buy so can advertise there to start.

Don’t know very well what to charge and by the dozen or half dozen? I am about to start a dog treat business as well as your page was one of the first ones that I read when I got this idea. I have some relevant questions before I make that leap and I had were wishing you may help. I really want to try out this but how do I without people thinking of a tale.