Elegance And Beauty

I love rediscovering a vintage lipstick shade. It’s like tasting great wines, and realizing that you’ve experienced this before, but it just seems better for reasons unknown now. That is how Personally I think about Taupe lipstick by MAC exactly. Its a lipstick I often because dismissed before, lets face it, the name is kinda ‘borning’ – its no alluring or sexy name, its ‘taupe’! I sometimes wonder why this tone is even called ‘taupe’?

Its not just a blah color whatsoever, in truth, it’s one of MAC’s most complex and polished tones. Its an advanced mix of red and brown, but it’s pretty neutral – it’s not overly deep, and dramatic, yet it’s very classic and elegant. It is my own opinion that lipstick deserves a chic name.

However, the philosophical me also understand that ‘taupe’ can suggest a kind of ‘neutrality’, simpleness, which is the main element to a euro-chic look! Regardless of why taupe is ‘taupe’, its one of my newly re-discovered favorite shades. On this photo I’m putting on it as it is, for the evening yet, taupe is beyond ‘stunning’ with combined with a spicy red liner like brick or auburn (perhaps that will be my next post). I really love this look for everyday ‘polished’! It takes much longer than 5-10 min no, and the makeup harmony is perfect! If you’ve wished to try taupe, but feel it’s a boring tone, give it a chance, it may end up being the most ‘chic’ lipstick available for you!

  • Set Goals, Take Action, Follow Through
  • Due to excessive heat and puberty, acne can also be problematic
  • Garth Brooks, “The River”
  • Make sure your skin is clean before applying it

The directors stated that Pocahontas needed someone within the tribe who she could confide in, but it looks like Pocahontas has quite a few personas that she can confide in: Grandmother Willow, John Smith, Powhatan, and Nakoma. Of those four people, she confides in Nakoma the very least, rendering that point made by the directors a bit moot. With this thought, Nakoma’s true purpose becomes clear.

She serves no purpose in the story other than to move forward that one key point: how John Smith surely got to be sentenced for execution by the Natives to begin with. Had Nakoma not alerted Kocoum to Pocahontas’ disappearance, John Smith would never have been blamed for causing his death. It is difficult to fault Nakoma for blabbing to Kocoum. Her impression of the white men was a little askew.

All she noticed of them was the damage and assault that they caused when that one Indian warrior was shot. From the look on her face, she took Powhatan’s caution against the white men to heart, so of course she’s heading to panic when one of them suddenly turns up in a corn field looking for her best friend. She redeems herself at the end by helping to arrange a final meeting between Pocahontas and John Smith the night before his execution. She even tears up when both enthusiasts part ways forever. “Just Across the Riverbend” paints the clearest picture of Pocahontas’ soul, much like “Portion of Your World” did for Ariel.