DB McNicol, Author

When I used to be little, my fantasy was to be always a nurse like my mother. I could take care of individuals when they were sick and help them feel better. I practiced for hours on my pets, various rescued wildlife and undoubtedly, my brothers. As I bravely marched into my teenage years, my dream changed and I needed to be always a professional actress or possibly a dancer. I cherished carrying out, it helped me forget my somewhat boring (I thought) lives and made me feel more gorgeous. Reality intruded, as it usually does, and I ended up being the happy mom of two by age twenty.

I really wasn’t considering much in conditions of dreams; day was an experience alone every. Employed in a hospital cut back thoughts of nursing, however the idea passed quickly. I did reach travel some, growing up in Massachusetts – moving to New Hampshire in 9th grade – relocating to Florida in my own senior year. The service claimed my husband as their own and I got to see Georgia, and Delaware as well as revisiting New Hampshire and finally settling back Florida.

The travel bug was planted, growing slowly but there nevertheless. The twenties flowed into the thirties – a fresh marriage, a third child, and a new state to reside in, Iowa. Who experienced a time for dreams? I needed discovered computers and started a real career! Part-time college pupil, full-time programmer, over-time wife, and mother.

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  • MacBook Air (2012 and later)
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I imagine I thought I was living my wish – for the moment anyway. 1 day I woke up and got the news headlines that my mother had offered at the early age of 61. I was stunned. She was so near to leaving her medical career on her behalf three R’s – reading, comforting and retirement.

She acquired spent her entire life doing for others but hardly ever really found complete satisfaction. Had she resided her desire? I don’t think so, she was forced to make so many decisions that required her down a different path. Sitting back, looking at my life, I recognized I was following the same pattern.

Content with mediocrity in so many areas of my life, I put stopped stretching. I had developed giving up reaching for my fantasy. Was this what I really wished? Was this what my mother would have wanted for me? I didn’t think so. My oldest children were out on their own, a year old at home leaving only the eight. It’s amazing what can happen when you realize you have stopped dreaming and start again. My life switched around.

I met my soul mate, my husband Michael. My profession soared, and I reached a peak that I acquired never even dared dream about. I did all the things I had formed always wanted to do but quite may find time for never. I tried for community theater and got several parts out. I tried skiing for the very first time and I proved myself wrong – not only could I ski but I even enjoyed it! Moving remained a right part of our lives taking us from Florida to Virginia. Following that we headed to Georgia, upstate New York, Colorado, Long Island NY, and finally Atlanta, GA.