Dating An Investment Banker

One of H’s friends who I don’t particularly like (the sensation is mutual–she dislike me for some reason) made a reappearance. On the Thursday They went for sushi at 4pm. I found out about a series of other engagements. 8 altogether in a three-week span of time.

I think it actually made me crazy. All but one are couples who’ve been dating for less than 6 months. I felt like I was going to explode and I stopped seeing obviously just. I became that same way about getting engaged. I just started to feel like yes it’s all good and well that you would like to do it in your head, but 8pm is just not going to happen.

If each time he said 8pm I just stood next to the door or the phone and waited for him, I would have finally lost my mind by. They say 8pm, we smile, inform them these are loved by us, and excersice on with this lives because we realize that their lifestyle doesn’t allow for 8pm dinners. That is the only way I can describe it really. I feel like a small part of me almost gave up. It became simpler to tell myself it wasn’t going to happen than it was to deal with the frustration of experiencing expectations.

I know how bad this noises. It didn’t sound this bad in my own head. This became my coping system. Joking it off when people inquire about our plans. I’ve no earthly idea. Sooner or later there have been plans yes. A timeline. Tons of spreadsheets. But I stopped asking what the program is. It is simpler to not know than the sit by the door and wait. I knew that dating a guy for 6 months and then deciding to marry him wasn’t something I’d ever be okay with. Its not in my own personality in any way.

I love that H and I understand each other so well now. Most of the things I learned about H came out well after 12 months of dating! But it seems that my negative energy broke through and was unintentionally expressed to H. We were away with a pal discussing the never ending engagement season and my bitchy, sarcastic attitude was shining through.

He was genuinely upset. He sensed like I had been negative in regards to a topic that needs to be happy. He was right, but I really was attempting. Our plan had always been that winter we would get engaged. I felt like we were deep into winter time without any concrete plans.

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We argued. Over iMessage. It probably wasn’t the best way to argue, but that’s what occurred. He was angry that I was frustrated and I used to be angry that he was upset that I was frustrated! Makes perfect sense, right? Sooner or later he just said “I don’t want to talk about this any more” and that was it.

I said ok and we dropped it. It was abrupt, but it was for the best. There was nothing else left to state. He said good night and that was it. We’ve gotten slightly better at arguing over time, but there is certainly plenty of room for improvement still. I spent most of the evening still tense from the argument. I made a decision to sleep it off and hoped that I would feel better after I woke up.

I woke up just as tense and upset. I wrote a long notice on my iPhone which I knew I wouldn’t post here or send to him. An irritated vent to myself Just. It had been thought by me would help. I decided to go to the fitness center and blow of vapor just. I had much weights leg workout. The best kind of workout by far. I tried to funnel all my negative energy into the workout.