Clinelle Purifying Gel Moisturizer

Assalamualaikum and hello my beautiful people! The struggle is real. I have already been per the shit out of my brain for these previous couple of weeks. Hahaha. But don’t worry. Anyways, today I want to talk about my thoughts on this Clinelle Purifying Gel Moisturizer. I was on the hunt for good moisturizers for my greasy combo pores and skin.

So yeah. Let’s begin! Go through the refreshing sensation of a light moisturizer that effectively clears and helps prevent blemishes incredibly. This innovative ultra-light formula absorbs quickly and works to control sebum production, leaving skin matte and soft while preventing breakouts. It contains Natural Moisturizing Factor to provide hydration the whole day. It helps to market quick scar tissue curing plus relaxed soothe epidermis also. REPAIR: Phellinus Linteus repairs the immune power of the skin cell.

REFINE: Licorice whitens blemish scars. RESHIELD: Tea Tree oil Anti-bacteria. 1. Gently apply over cleansed and well developed epidermis of the face and neck of the guitar using light and upwards stroke once or twice daily. You might follow with your preferred sunscreen and make up if necessary. 2. For daily use. THEREFORE I made a decision to buy this moisturizer because I just want to try like, if it’s just like my fave, The Body Shop Tea Tree Clearing Lotion. THEREFORE I have been using it almost everyday at work.

I place it in my travel makeup bag, FYI. Slightly background of the Clinelle brand. I believe it’s from Hong Kong, I could be wrong. So when I browse the 6 No’s on the bundle, I used to be quite intrigued and I right away bought this, without reading any reviews. I purchased one Clinelle product before but I don’t really like it.

It was the sea scrub/mask. It is a gel moisturizer but a little was felt by it slippery. No scent is had by it at all, odorless just. No smell, NOTHING. So that it is good for people who are sensitive to fragrances. It will come in a 30-ml tube, retails at RM31.70 (RM1.05/ml). The price point is nearly the same as YOUR BODY Shop Tea Tree Clearing Lotion but I recently discovered Body Shop increased the price, so had RM65 for 50ml (RM1.30/ml).

Kalau tak around that amount dengan Clinelle sugar. If I were to compare the Clinelle and YOUR BODY Shop, both of them have completely different substances, textures, scents etc. To be honest, I prefer The Body Shop one just because it is more mortifying. Plus it absorbs faster. The Clinelle one, it’s just sitting together with my pores and skin.

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Like, I can feel like it isn’t really heading to dry. It stays there just. Even if I tried to massage it, it still felt slippery. Final thoughts: In all honesty, I hate it. THEREFORE I don’t recommend it because it’s slippery and it doesn’t look good under makeup and the tube’s just super messy. I prefer your body Shop one as it is more mortifying and sinks fast into the skin. That’s it guys. I am hoping you all find this helpful in any real way.

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