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I’m an extremely picky person so I will rarely such as a certain product. I mean, if you would like to list it as one of your favorite, it has to be something that works brilliantly well right? I REALLY LIKE dollywink eyelashes so most of the Dollywink eyelashes are under my set of favorites. These are super-gentle and it generally does not feel like a ‘burden’ on your eyes HAHA.

You should totally invest on a pair of Dollywink eyelashes even though these are uber expensive because it can last you FOREVER if you take good care of it! I have been using the bottom pair of eyelash for about 4-times already and it still appears brand new! This series is one of my favorite because it is very natural and is also very ideal for everyday use.

When I find mascara a headache, this couple of eyelash will be the replacement! This face-natural powder has been in my collection for quite some time already but I rarely use it because I like my trusty Mac studio fix. Recently, I got it out to I was surprised by the effect quite!

It can look a little too crazy on if you were to hang around outdoor as there are shimmer pigments in it. Nonetheless, it made my epidermis look flawless definitely! Can fight with my Mac studio fix LOL! Last favorite on the list is a fresh product that I purchased supposedly out of impulse or. The product packaging is so adorable! Go through the swirls! The color pretty is super. However, the color is crazy gorgeous, look at this just. I have already been looking for this for quite time now so I’m soooo happy to see this! So they are my recent favorites!

  • Never neglect to exfoliate your skin layer and take away the makeup before contacting it a night
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  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • You can read greater detail on the science behind these products in other articles with this site
  • The Beauty Pageant Business
  • Cysts: Deep, aching, filled up with pus could possibly be the source of marks
  • Boron nitride – helps cover up the looks of fine lines; lubricates

Hence, the dizzying array of foundations and the exploding options for girls of most skin tones and colors. You can choose from standard liquid, cream-to-powder, powder, and mineral. There’s also primers to prep your skin layer for the building blocks. And if you prefer lighter coverage, there are tinted moisturizers such as those offered by the cult-favorite cosmetics company Laura Mercier as well as Neutrogena.

I may have grown up partly in the U.S., but I’m definitely Asian in my own beauty routines. I’ve been obsessed with sunscreen since my early 20’s and am always searching for the latest and best skincare products. I love playing with makeup products, but like many Asian women, I believe the basics of beauty rest in proper skincare and providing a clean, simple, and flawless canvas for what comes next.