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There are multiple reasons to regret your choice of U.S. Bear Stearns in March 2008. The Federal Reserve’s use of its discount window built up false hope of future rescues. Paying off the uninsured creditors of Bear Stearns overcompensated them at the time and asked speculative attacks on the collateral of likewise situated firms. I am going to argue that the marketplace seizure after Lehman Brothers’ decision to seek the security of bankruptcy was an echo of the prior official decision to protect Bear Stearns.

Though the theory that things might cost less is obviously attractive from a consumer perspective, deflation is symptomatic of problems throughout the market. Governments and central banking institutions are highly likely to step in to stop deflation so as well as the best type of investment, one must consider whether it’ll actually take place.

As Ben Graham once said, “In the brief run, the currency markets is a voting machine. At ARGA, we eventually favor valuation-based investing. That doesn’t indicate we think the value framework is much better or worse than momentum in terms of providing investment results. There’s a long history of value strategies and of momentum strategies carrying out well.

They’ve performed almost identically during the last 45 years or so. It’s more a question of you finding what you believe in and what you find most rousing. So it’s a question of temperament-how you look at the data and figure out how a business might evolve in the foreseeable future. You will need to know what kind of an analyst you are.

What do you prefer doing best? Could it be seeking to forecast whether a fast-growing business can maintain its momentum? Or trying to understand what the business should earn over the long run? A lifetime career in value investing can be stressful. The rewards of exploiting behavioral anomalies compensate for that stress over time, but do the endurance is acquired by you to wait for them?

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Depending on that, find a place that can serve as a true home so that you can develop your industry expertise and analyze businesses. The great chance of Columbia MBA students is that you are in close proximity to a large number of firms in the brand-new York area with a number of investment approaches.

Once you find out your investment character, you can identify a number of companies that are closely aligned with your objectives. G&D: How did you figure out what your temperament is? ARK: In my own first corporate fund class running a business school, the first thing the teacher said was that the value of any business is today’s value of future cash moves. As I noticed that soon, a light bulb off went.

It became very clear how to value a business. From day one, my focus is definitely seeking to forecast what businesses should earn overtime, then coming up with today’s value of that. G&D: Do you think other investors lose sight of the fundamental aspect, of having a basic notion of what the business should look like in the long run?

Or is it apples and oranges because different people have different styles? ARK: Despite the fact that there is convincing proof that highly undervalued companies should do more than time, most investors aren’t interested due to the panic associated with owning them. This behavioral dynamic is the reason why ARGA’s disciplined process and deep fundamental research, that lead us to buy out-of-favor stocks and shares, should yield good returns over time. The time horizon can be an important factor in trading.

It depends on the customers you have and if they share your time horizon. We know we cannot outperform every single 12 months. We tell all our clients that upfront. ARGA is the right choice for clients who have a three-five year horizon. If someone had a 12-month horizon, and that’s how they will evaluate us, we’re probably the wrong manager on their behalf then. We know there will be some 12-month periods whenever we do poorly, by virtue to the fact that ARGA focuses on the most undervalued businesses. Value investing doesn’t always work in the short run.