5 Things You Can You STUDY FROM Your (Ex) Boss

In the past, everyone could take pride in working for large, multinational companies. The current tendency of downsizing and outsourcing, however, has brought major changes in the employment landscape. One thing for sure, as job security becomes a plain thing of days gone by, many are turning towards starting their own house-based businesses. Job security has its merits, and a home business is, arguably, not for everybody. But for individuals who are thinking about making this change, a change in mentality is completely important.

There are many bad habits that rest dormant in all of us. You need to change these bad behaviors and develop new good behaviors to endure as a business owner. And perhaps these can be ‘borrowed’ from your existing or former corporate work environment. In corporate and business culture, you are accountable only for what your job requires one to do. In most jobs however, you are hardly accountable for the survival of the company. Your contribution, as compared to the whole, is only marginal.

You can make errors and get away with it. Your task is easily replaceable. As a business owner, however, you might find the global world to be less forgiving. A mistake can cost you your complete business. It is vital for anyone who would like to start their own home-based business to think about this fact.

  • Limits or eliminates a number of other deductions
  • Hewlett-Packard Company: $45,221 – $61,042
  • 24-Hour Facilities
  • Do ask about getting your personal items
  • An Extra Income Stream
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You have to understand that success in a home based venture is directly tangled up to your activities, and you need to consider responsibility for everything that happens. In your own business, you need to exceed your capacity at times, stretching out yourself more than you’ll as an employee. Taking responsibility also means having the ability to make the right decisions as so when needed. When you work from home, YOUR decision is final.

Although it may a little frightening for a business owner initially, these habits utilized as time passes becomes second character. It sure beats having to put up with corporate and business red-tape! Companies hardly, if, reward you for being creative. They are doing, however, praise you for turning up on time and completing your daily routines. You are rewarded not for being outstanding, but for being average. As a business owner, you need to shake off the bad habit of doing things the usual way, the “way it certainly is been done” There is certainly nothing wrong with using standard procedures and methods. In fact, sticking with the ‘guidelines’ can help you create a decent living.

But if you want a lot of money, like I do, you need to begin thinking “Outside the Box”. A small amount of ingenuity in your business can save you a lot of money and time. Ingenuity involves finding answers to a problem. You might, at any stage of your home business, recognize that you just don’t have a good amount of resources.