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Most early-stage sales teams lead using their products. These are so excited about their services typically, that they get bogged down in offering the minutia of their product’s features and features. They believe that is exactly what their clients will value, and that is what is going to drive a sale. A common first-year mistake. As clients don’t really value you or your products (as of this preliminary stage), they value themselves, and exactly how you will help them resolve their problems.

The best sales groups are masters in story telling. They layout a large picture problem in the industry artistically, that your client is dealing with, and slowly rope them along with their elegant solution to this problem. It is not until several meetings in does the salesperson discuss their products even.

They only fine detail them once the client has used the bait, plus they need to create the hook. Let me offer you an example. Suppose your business has built a social mass media amplification tool (e.g., it can help clients virally spread their message through social sharing). The incorrect pitch would be talking about how great your technology is and all the “bells and whistles” you have included in the product.

A client really doesn’t caution, especially since you are one of 100 other companies peddling similar products to them. Creating a complete great deal of confusion on their behalf on who to trust. Which often means them doing nothing, never to make a bad decision, and are looking forward to the dust to stay in the industry. But, what would they care about? Did you notice the difference? In the first example, it was about YOU. In the next example it was about THEM!

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And, moreover, it got their attention with clear metrics about their business and helped to color the picture on how this was going to be a huge financial win to them. Hence, minimizing the risk they look foolish by buying your product. But, to the in contrast, you shall help these get bonus points using their management and get more finances and internal credit for the success.

This is an important factor. In this full case, the THEM personally is them, not the ongoing company! The greater you can speak to them, the individual, the higher odds the sale will be closed by you. So, do your homework on your clients before you approach them even. Figure out the business’s pain points, and then figure out how you are going to make your own contact look best if you their boss. At the end of your day, a good sales person is similar to William Shakespeare weaving an elaborate story series or Leonardo Da Vinci painting brushstrokes on the canvas.

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