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Cole, chair of the firm’s Executive Committee said, “We are especially gratified by the results of this year’s Alpha Awards because we’ve once more been chosen by our clients,” he described. 1.4 trillion in resources under management. 1 billion or even more; Sidley was ranked first in this new category. Sidley’s hedge fund and investment management practice comprise approximately 95 attorneys in New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and London. Sidley was also named Investment Funds Law Firm of the Year in the 2007 Asian Legal Business Awards.

Unfortunately back then I didn’t know yet how things proved helpful and thought that’s what I experienced to do now. So there I was designated to help a bankrupt medical center chain back on its foot. Two days into the project, it turned out that they had overstaffed it (there were 20 consultants playing around) and I had been taken off the project again.

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Luckily, that right time approved and from then on an extremely happy albeit nerve-racking time implemented. Year in consulting After 1, it was time for another big international training, one that people often consider the best training of their time in consulting. It is a 14 days long trained in leadership. Our training was said to be in Miami, but just a few days earlier hurricane Wilma destroyed our hopes and it was suddenly relocated to a much more shabby location about 30 miles North of Chicago. 70s along with bad weather put an extremely depressive mood on our group.

Everybody experienced deceived – 1-year of effort and then this? So that it converted out more than half of the cultural people spoken constantly about departing, about how disappointed they were, about how exactly much they disliked their jobs – it was grim quite. The training itself was great though. We do a great deal of useful role performs involving personal issues (open and hidden), disruptive behavior, personal attacks, difficult announcements etc., it was very helpful not limited to the job but also for my own life, I really enjoyed it. The weekend On, we went to downtown Chicago that was great, I never knew how beautiful Chicago was, but I loved it.

To be honest, and wishing not to offend anyone here, I liked Chicago more than NY. It appeared a lot more comfortable and laid back, there were road musicians just about everywhere and the complete Lake Michigan and the architecture are just fantastic. So since that time the University of Chicago is also my top choice for an exchange term in autumn 2007 (as you observe I’m preparing in advance!). I understood it was great academically but I hadn’t expected the city to be so beautiful and cool. I used to be also quite definitely impressed by Chicago nightlife.

These are two friends I made during the last two years, night in Chicago on our last. The guy on the right is leaving for the IESE MBA and the girl is headed for the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs. THEREFORE I have friends now in Barcelona in New York, as well as Rome, San and Miami Francisco, which is great, and I am hoping I am going to finally have enough time during the MBA to visit them! So overall, in conditions of the training I received as well as the folks I’ve met, the two years of my life I committed to consulting were definitely worthwhile. I’m glad I’ve 2 yrs off now to believe about how much time I want to invest following the MBA, and what is the best field to spend my amount of time in!

Set yourself savings goals and put away enough to buy what you would like. This could be a house deposit, a wedding, or a trip. You could also begin to think about investing your money. When shouldn’t you save? The only time you shouldn’t save, or invest is if there are more considerations you need to do with your money.

For example, getting your debts in order. Isn’t it time to invest? Whether or not it makes sense for you depends upon your goals – specifically if they’re long, short, or medium term. Short-term goals – are things you intend to do next five years. Medium-term goals – are things you plan to do next 5-10 years. Longer-term goals – are ones where you’re won’t need the money for ten years or even more.

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