Business Ethics Case Study; Unbelievable Government Credit Card Abuse

In business management classes in the united states MBA students research business ethics. Actually, there are MBA degrees available that are called Ethics MBAs now. But in real life how ethical is the business community? How ethical is our very own government? How many business travelers for their corporations charge personal items to their credit cards of their companies?

Corporations watch this very carefully to make sure everyone follows the guidelines. Not everyone comes after the rules and frequently there are people who go to extreme measures to cover their misdeeds. From a business ethics standpoint companies and their employees are much more honest and forthright than those who work in authorities.

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In fact federal government credit card mistreatment at all levels of government reaches an all-time high. It really is so very bad that the federal government actually needed to make another law to attempt to curb the misuse of government credit cards. Has this new legislation helped? Actually it appears as if it has on paper audits however in truth those fine people in government still abuse their federal government bank cards, which is taxpayers money.

The problem is so severe and the abuse so little that nothing at all is absolutely being done. That is to say the problem is working rampant still. Simply instituting handles and inspections and amounts on authorities bank cards does not relieve the fraud. Dishonesty in government is the norm and although many people believe that those who work in government are of less IQ they are still clever enough to beat the system and steal taxpayers money. From an MBA standpoint of fiscal management this is a good case study. A piece of corporate and business bank cards or government credit cards must be followed through to. It appears we cannot trust those fine folks in government which is about time that we enforced the letter of regulations on to the government and the workers who think they may be above it.

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Plan and prepare annual budget for ICT function, work program and spending plan. Co-ordinate ICT systems training. A Master of Science Degree in Computer Science, IT or equivalent level from an established University/Institution. Minimum of 10 years relevant experience with five (5) years at Senior level. Will need to have practical knowledge in business re-engineering and strategies, systems analysis and design, information systems security management, ICT contracts and specifications drafting, database design and administration, ICT management/leadership, network administration, ICT tasks management, business continuity/devastation recovery management skills.

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