Step-by-Step Guide ON HOW BEST TO Create & Run Successful Online Contests

This is the 3rd installation of our competition-education series, with the purpose of assisting you create successful contests that drive real results (AND PROFITS) for your business. Inside our past articles we went over why contests are effective means for producing leads and increasing sales through an expanded audience… and have learned how to write awesome autoresponse communications to further engage your leads.

How do I go about making a high-converting competition? What would I do to ensure I get a huge number of competition entries? We’ll breakdown the most significant steps so you can understand how to achieve monumental contest marketing campaign accomplishments by leveraging marketing best practices. You’ll also get an internal look at some of our customers’ recent competition triumphs. Lookout for their real metrics to demonstrate how effective contests can really be.

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We’re confident to have examined, included, and dissected the most fundamental elements for working contests that convert. And although these tips can be applied to just about any kind of campaign – remember that what works for one business might not work for another. Our advice is to put into action these steps and experiment with different ways for the best approaches for your business.

First things first. Like any other advertising campaign, planning is essential if you don’t want your competition to fail and end up costing more income than you constitute in new leads. A well-defined strategy can help assure contest success, so take the right time for you to document your designed result.

When to perform a contest? Contests are a tried-and-true method for growing your business. But when is the best time to perform the contest? If you’re just starting out or are simply just unsatisfied with your number of current customers, and want to create a buzz to increase your audience. If you already have a sizable audience and plenty of visitors to your site but want to drive more traffic and make instant sales.

For any business seeking to generate leads by growing their audience, now is an enjoyable experience to run a competition. What kind of campaign to run? Will you be running a competition? Where people compete for a prize. Where people enter their information for the opportunity to win. By random drawing Usually.

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