Compare The HCG Diet To The Atkins Diet

It is an acknowledged fact that the common rule to lose excess weight among various kinds of weight-loss programs is by consuming lesser calories from fat than you can burn. You can often find it difficult to pick the right diet program as it must match with your body metabolism, food choices, and lifestyle.

Moreover, it is advised to seek advice from a physician before even trying an eating plan protocol as one can get an opportunity to decide on a right one that actually works. One can have a good idea about the type of approach accompanied by any weight-loss plan in order to achieve losing weight.

Currently, the most broadly accepted weight loss programs will be the HCG diet and Atkins diet although medical advice is necessary before you begin with any plan. The HCG diet includes daily administration of hormone shots accompanied by the calorie limitation, while the Atkins diet promotes the restricted consumption of carbohydrates. You can succeed in achieving the weight-reduction goal by familiarizing oneself with both ideas. Let’s talk about Dr. Simeons HCG diet Dr and plan. Atkins diet plan at length. The HCG Diet protocol was at first known during the 1950s but only arrived to practice in the 1970s when Dr. A. T. W. Simeons confirmed its efficiency in managing obesity.

The diet requires routine consumption of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone shot which is biologically extracted from the pregnant female’s urine. These injections should be studied only for certain period. During HCG diet, it is actually suggested to be on a very low-calorie diet around 500 calories a day or even minimal to start the fat-reducing process in the body. Dr. Simmons suggests taking 2 short foods every day that includes fresh fruits, lean protein resources, and non-starchy vegetables.

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While on HCG diet, dieters should cut-off certain sugars however, they may take Grissini Melba or breadsticks toast. Dr. A.T.W. Simeons performed research to determine the daily ratio of carbohydrate intake to avoid the carbohydrate imbalance. You can control weight even following the HCG diet program as the hypothalamus gland (modulates various functions like hunger, the body’s temperature, thirst, sleep, fatigue, and circadian rhythm) is re-set by the body during this time period. Predicated on weight, the low caloric stage of the HCG Diet can last from between 23 – 45 days.

The best part of HCG diet protocol is that you will be at least more likely to develop ketosis as it allows the intake of some carbohydrates. The Atkins diet was discovered by Dr. Robert C. Atkins during 1970s to market easy weight reduction. The dietary plan includes low-carb intake, especially healthy sugars in an effort to control weight loss. The first phase of it offers consumption of less than 20g of carbohydrates per day, which can subsequently be made flexible by firmly taking from 50 to 100g of carbs depending on the part tolerance.

One can take non-starchy vegetables, sausages, parmesan cheese, cream, fish, bacon, meats, butter, and coconut oil while avoiding bread, muffins, potatoes, pasta, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, grain, fruits, glucose, and sweets. The major drawback of Atkins Diet is it fully cuts-off healthy carbs thus forcing the machine to come across ketosis (condition which involves abnormally raised levels of serum ketone bodies.

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