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The passion of Christianity and then to Islam had further drastic effects on the civilizations they subjugated over the next millenium throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. And since then, the introduction of new colonialist empires such as Spain, Britain, and France, has led to further devastation of indigenous societies.

Many of their significant structures were left intact by these empires, because of the useful needs of a small colonial force to keep up an infrastructure in far distant elements of the world, and the sheer difficulty of demolishing monumental architecture. However, on occasion whole towns established long ago, stayed lost.

Cities such as the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, buried under the foundations of present day Mexico City. And huge numbers of cultural artifacts were destroyed or removed (the main topic of a later article). Today the question at the great ruins of antiquity Many, but frankly the author of the article amazing things that any are left in any way – given the propensity of intolerant humans to pillage and demolish. The events described above took place in less enlightened times Perhaps, though that will not make them any less tragic. But cultural vandalism was sadly not restricted to less enlightened times.

It continues today, and today’s intolerant humans have hugely powerful weapons at their disposal, which makes it easy to eliminate buildings which acquired previously withstood hundreds of years of the onslaught. The rest of this article can be involved with ethnic damage in the 21st and 20th hundreds of years, and we go through the concerns within the ISIL group first. The nations of Iraq and Syria lie in that area of the world which is in the cradle of civilisation. The region where our types first adopted a farming lifestyle, and first-founded sedentary areas.

  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration. “FDA Recall Policy for Makeup products.”
  • 1 Thessalonians 1:10 (“Jesus, which shipped us from the wrath to come.”)
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  • Stressed the privileges of muslims amongst each other
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  • Have an emergency kit ready

The region lies near the delivery center of three of the world’s most crucial religions and was home in ancient history to such landmark towns as Babylon (Iraq), Hattusa (Turkey), and Jerusalem (Israel and Palestine), Persepolis (Iran) and Petra (Jordan). Damascus, the administrative center of Syria, is said by some to be the oldest consistently inhabited city on Earth.

And just a little further afield is the remarkable sites of Egypt, Crete, and Greece. It will go without further comment that this region is the richest in the global world for archaeological treasures. Literally thousands of important sites are available here historically, and some lie within the present day boundaries of Syria and Iraq. The sudden takeover by ISIL of a huge part of these two countries in 2014 shocked the world.

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