Superstition Is All We Have Left

Well, I got it as confirming that the complete wide interwebnet thing could have been bursting at the seams with lists like this one. I was relatively surprised to see that there have been very few, if any, enjoy it! With Bond fever about to get the world (or items of the world interested in Bond) again with Quantum Of Solace, I thought why not take a look at the best styles delivered thus far?

Cutting out the really bad ones was easy (Madonna are you reading), but endeavoring to rank the ten, solid, great ones was a tough battle. I believe, or at least wish, that I do have the best ten the following, just maybe not in the same order a few of you would have them.

Feel free to comment, as long as it is known as rather than heading to cause offense! ‘s no true point in arguing this one. Bond theme is the single most recognizable music anywhere in the world perhaps. “Dingdadadadingding da da da dingdadading ding ding dum dum dum dah-daaaah, da da da”, and over fifty percent of the individuals you do it to will know precisely what you’re humming / singing / air guitaring. Duran Duran was the biggest music group in the global world at the time of this and demonstrated why they were with this tune exactly. Bond theme for the favorite Bond film of all fans of the franchise, and it’s not difficult to comprehend why.

Shirley Bassey provides the lyrics with all the current passion and power of the world of Bond, offering us a song that if you only heard it you’ll never once, ever forget. If Goldfinger was the film that put Bond on the bigger end of the cultural significance scale firmly, then Goldfinger the song is one which made the theme for a new Bond film an important event. Frank, to do a Bond film at some point.

Bond, you would suspect. Nancy to do the stunning melodic theme for you personally Only Live Twice was not a bad alternate option, really! 05 Another real way To Die – Jack White feat. Pierce Brosnan era Bond themes gave one the feeling that the film producers were not interested in the theme for the latest film being truly a significant event.

GoldenEye was at best average, the styles that followed declined until you have to Madonna’s Die Another Day, possibly the worst melody ever sold aside from in Bond movies. ‘s a shame I didn’t have a joint 4th or 5th slot with this list, as this should perhaps be higher.

Beatle, and one with a very healthy 70’s profession, do the Bond theme no less. Bond theme once was and makes me even more sad that it’s been allowed to fall from grace of late. Bond theme. It’s a three-minute cut that’s loaded as much with sympathy as it is aggression; it is Bond quintessentially. Heck, even the “reggae” bit doesn’t sound like that much of a mess!

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‘s so excellent that even that egotistical megalomaniac Axl Rose remained faithful to it when his music group (or that which was left from it) delivered a never bad cover version. Bond makers showing they were paying attention to modern culture before wants of Chris Cornell and Jack White were called in.

Ha was big in Europe at that time, and I’d have thought this got them some airplay in the continuing says. A View To A Kill, the only thing that let that one down would be that the actual film was mostly incoherent and dull. It doesn’t quite stand alone as a great song as much as others do, but it’s still worth the occasional spin every now and then.

‘s no bad thing for just about any 20 yr old tracks now, could it be? ‘s rather middle-of-the-road, bland dangerously. Carly’s other well-known song, there’s no question of who this song is about, as it’s more of an easy, worship the man homage to Bond than a genuine theme song, but a good one! Lulu is very out of her depth with some kind of quasi-Joplin attempt at performing. Janis must have done. A ‘s manic and frenzied story of Bond vs Anti-Bond.

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