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•How drone tech is exploding in at least one non-military, surefire market. An ex-Navy Officer has leaked information about America’s armed service technology that a lot of people could never visualize. He’s had access to the “top brass” of the U.S. Navy and has toured top-secret labs. He’s seen first hand where scientists develop our most advanced military technology. Click here now to discover what he found out. What if I told you that the modern-day smartphone was conceived by a guy over a hundred years ago?

No, this man was not a science-fiction article writer. He was one of the world’s ideal inventors, who proceeded to go a step beyond his contemporaries, and another step then. Remember: this was well before YouTube and iPhones. He proceeded to go into further detail, after being interviewed by The New York Times. Is it possible to suppose who said that?

Now, don’t cheat. I’ll let you know the answer in an instant, as it pertains to today’s investment angle. As a boy, living in Croatia, he dreamed of harnessing the rapids of Niagara Falls to create electricity for a large number of homes. After he immigrated to the U.S. But that was only the beginning of what he do for the U.S., and would do because of its military. Have you determined who this man is yet? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. This inventor offered the global world radar, X-ray, neon and fluorescent lighting. Yes. Robotics, over 100 years ago. And the idea of drones. He also invented radio.

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Your last hint: He kept over 700 patents, most which stemmed from his early use AC electricity. He could be the father of the 20th hundred years. Most would guess the acclaimed historical favorite widely, Thomas Edison. But it was, in reality, Edison’s archrival who did these things: the neglected genius, Nikola Tesla. History has forgotten Tesla for many reasons.

Edison launched a smear campaign during their battle of the currents. J.P. Morgan (a founder of the Federal Reserve System, actually) blackballed Tesla after learning his intention to create a hub free of charge, worldwide, wireless communications and electricity. Tesla they’d amassed to be able to use his mil-tech. The U.S. authorities was neither interested nor ready to use Tesla’s mil-tech until decades later in WWI, where it was used in remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs) and later in unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs).

Now his ideas provide as components of modern weapons systems. Could the Same Drone Tech Oil Company’s Use Save the Planet? It is important to trace today’s tech back again to the intention of the inventors who brought improvements into this world. In this case, Tesla’s idea for machine drones was that they might be a weapon that could end all warfare, taking humans out of the equation and concentrating on source preservation eventually.

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