For BE, My Precious Third Grandson

In my profile page’s set of posts, the six hubs that now make up just a little series for my grandchildren are valued by those whose hearts beat for his or her own. While it’s true that poetry articles are not always highly regarded, it is a neat thing that the chance is had by us to feature them publicly in this venue. Thanks kindly for stopping in to check out this most recent “grands” hub.

Be sure to look for a small new feature to these grands’ hubs near the bottom. Exploring something about words is always fun, even if a grandma’s poems don’t grow to be your favorite glass of tea. Another baby the pleasure! A fresh grandchild-outright happy post! A playful smile exhibiting glee in your spree!

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Going where in your future travelings? Shortly, made up of you shall confirm mere misconception. Growing fast, much too soon you’ll be unloosed! How happy we were to get a brother for SJ, AG, and EM, and a fresh cousin for T and CW! Another new grandson was a joy that reached into the very core of our being!

As with your siblings and cousins, I pray that you’ll come to seriously understand the love of the Savior at an age group. As you grow may God grant you mature understanding of His Word you will be in a position to live before Him to have His richest blessings in memories and in the difficult ones. May you become a good counselor to all or any who know you because you are filled with the pleasure and tranquility of everything it means to trust God’s Word. May your walk with the Lord be a continuous knowing of your need of Him.

Your life blossoms as mine begins to diminish, but God’s faithfulness to His own dear guarantees regarding the prayers of His people will be with you throughout your life. Liberties taken with words in poetry can be fun, but they can create questions also. I’m adding a word study feature to this little group of hubs just because a question came up while I read this poem to a friend before putting the hub together. When our argument about the term unloosen emerged up it captured me off safeguard because I had been familiar with its utilization, but I put to look up the answer for my friend.

It really did appear redundant when she talked about it. Viva the internet! At Fine Dictionary we find useful examples with this is. The bottom line is unloosen is a phrase with the word loosen within it and that each word within it also offers similar meaning. Unloosen is an emphasized way to state release simply. So, if you are an expressed word lover, beware.

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