Schwinn Journey 2.5 Recumbent Bike, Review

The Schwinn Journey 2.5 Recumbent Bike is the same model as the Schwinn 270. Schwinn has just renamed the bike but it carries the same features, warranty and specifications. The Schwinn Journey 2.5 Recumbent Bike is ergonomically designed for comfort and includes lots of high-end features for a relatively good deal.

It’s well-constructed with a high-speed high-inertia perimeter weighted flywheel and Eddy Current Brake Magnetic Resistance that provides calm, consistent and smooth momentum through the 25 resistance levels. The Schwinn Journey 2.5 Recumbent STATIONARY BIKE offers plenty of program variety to maintain your workouts assorted and gradually challenging. There are 29 programs altogether including profile, heart-rate, custom, fitness tests, recovery ensure that you quick start.

  • Yoga Blocks
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  • Great for both adults and kids
  • 5 years back from Southern Wisconsin

The Schwinn Journey 2.5 allows up to 4 different user profiles and will be offering performance monitoring with Goal Tracker. There’s also a USB interface for charging your own mobile devices as well as for data export to Schwinn Connect or My Fitness Pal for online goal monitoring. There’s a media shelf built into the console to put your mobile phone or tablet and you may listen to your favorite music via the console’s big-sound acoustic chambered speakers with MP3 insight. To keep cool and hydrated as you exercise, the Schwinn Journey 2.5 has a remarkably effective 3-quickness cooling lover and there’s a handy drinking water bottle holder located beside the chair.

The Schwinn Journey 2.5 Recumbent Bike includes a step-through framework design that makes it easy to install and dismount the large comfortable seat. The contoured chair is created for comfort with a padded seat bottom and large vented backrest for airflow. The chair itself sits on the sliding chair rail with an easy adjustment lever, which makes it easy to adjust for different user heights.

Pedaling is soft because of the bike’s 3-piece crank system and large pedals with toe straps for comfort and safety. The Schwinn Journey 2.5 Recumbent STATIONARY BIKE is well-constructed, featuring a single piece frame with large middle frame support for a good platform, and 2 integrated levelers for added stability. Solidly built, this recumbent bike allows for a maximum user weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

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