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What types of institutions matter for development and poverty reduction? What lessons should be attracted by policymakers and development professionals hoping to aid institutional change in developing countries? Such type of questions were addressed at a recently held IIIS Conference on Strengthening Institutions for Development and Poverty Reduction, Trinity College, Dublin. Is a display by Stephen Haber Here, a professor at Stanford University, who draws a comparison between overall political economy of Mexico and the existing condition of Sub-Saharan Africa. Haber provides concise and nice demonstration about the impoverishment of Sub-Saharan African and its own link to authoritarianism and gradual growth. Note that authoritarianism will not cause sluggish growth.

He argues for sketching capital into production by offering special privileges that could increase rates of come back. That is especially relevant if the usage of credit is constrained and domestic capital mobilization is very slow. But he also warns that coaxing capital into production has been one of the mainstays of authoritarian regimes because they have a tendency to support monopolies and industries that aid the ruling elites to stay in power.

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  • Garden shed – 15 years
  • Determining reasonable value
  • Following up to make a deal contract conditions and prices

This also breeds corruption, insufficient transparency, and rent-seeking– which are endogenous. However, appealing to capital into production though other bonuses that could increase rates of come back is not a bad idea. He also argues that authoritarian governments gather little in taxes, which have an effect on other proportions of poverty like education and health straight, as low taxation means low, open public investment. He argues that property rights should be reformed in Africa for development. He also facilitates aid that is aimed at increasing federal government transparency and programs like conditional cash exchanges (something similar to Progressa/Oportunadides).

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