Fresh Win10 Install Onto A Wiped Wiped HARD DISK DRIVE

Then take the ISO that has been burned to DVD and bring the DVD to the AIO and move forward from there to execute a fresh install? On the DVD, does it matter whether it’s a DVD-R or DVD-RW? I don’t expect them to reach your goals from just how theyve done things and I’d like to be ready after I get a chance to do what needs to be done. DISM. I’ve never used DISM – what is the drawback never to having the ability to be utilized as a source image?

The two crazy credit cards will be voted on by the community. As we closer get, we’ll discuss those details and that Clans can be voted for. It won’t be something like everyone submits their own entries, usually there’d be no clear winner. So we’ll be piecing together a list of Clans to vote for.

Has the team considered making the trophy reset to 5k in Builder Base? It has been discussed, many times, and I really believe it was almost set to that for the discharge of BH9. Given the meta-shift, I think it’s worth implementing. 7th wedding anniversary of Clash of Clans soon is getting close to! Will there be any “spoiler” you can provide to us whether there is any special event coming for it?

We have something fun(ny) prepared for the 7th wedding anniversary party. It’s a bit wacky, but we’re having a huge amount of fun with it. Within the last AMA, you were asked if the new jewel production would reset when collecting from Gem Mine, you were said by you’ll ask the dev team.

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Do you have a remedy for this now? When you gather Gems from the Gem Mine, it will retain any fractions of Gems that are still generating still. It’s about discovering that balance. We’re keeping an eye on the meta as the total amount also depends on which trophy level a new player is at. Certain armies work at certain trophy runs because bases at certain upgrade levels have a tendency to hover in certain runs. BH9 or maxed BH8 at 3500 trophies.

So if so when we do balance, we need to keep an eye on its trickle-down impact also. The Lava Launcher is our first DOT AOE defense for Builder Base so it has thrown a fresh dynamic into how players attack, but we’d need to see a couple months’ worth of data before we start making any tweaks. Any programs for bringing back Hammer Jam and BB Battlefest events? If I thought to Hammerjam yes, wouldn’t that be giving something away? Although I think a Battlefest is overdue long. Can you provide any details on the actual priorities are/what is being done for the remainder of 2019? This is actually an extremely excellent question.

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