The terms web (or online) presence and website are often used interchangeably, however they are very far from being the same thing. Web existence is the collective existence online of an ongoing company or individual. A website is one of these. Many businesses have websites with their branding and customized feel and look.

There are an incredible number of websites that range from simple and small to a lot more intricate and interactive. Everyone knows what a website is and what purpose it acts. So, what’s an online presence and how will you go about building one for your business? There is certainly so much that can be a part of your web presence.

An online existence is any lifestyle of an individual or business that can be found via an internet search. A good example of an individual who is not active on the Internet but who has an online existence is one who is an associate of an association that has a member directory listing online.

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Another example is an individual who only has a LinkedIn or Facebook profile. How will you leverage and improve their existing web presence to boost their exposure and reputation and market themselves and/or their online business? One of the ways is to design and create a persuasive website or a blog. Once the concept of the web presence has been established, its about time to start building it, like the all-important keywords that are crucial compared to that market.

Without keywords, the web site will never be successful and will essentially stagnate. It is important to understand that it requires a lot more than a beautiful-looking website to cultivate the success of a particular business through its online presence. Another way is to capitalize on the existing web existence and enhance it with additional social media interactions.

A third option is a mixture of both. Targeted keywords: Well-placed keywords are crucial for both options. You might ask how you start identifying the very best keywords that will be recognized by the various search engines and that will constantly drive increasingly more online traffic to your website. Careful research is very important because locating the best keywords for your market must be the absolute very first thing that you do. That’s your initial part of establishing your web presence. You have built the foundation Once, you can start building your website.

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