Shithead Was RAISED On Charges

Yes, I know it is hard to trust but even the best schools have a lowlife or two as part of their pupil body and lucky me got one in my class. Shithead is an excellent looking well developed freshman. His blonde locks and blue eyes took treatment of plenty of his problems probably.

When this doesn’t happen, he can get agitated quite. Week Shithead skipped an exam and then skipped your day after Last. He waltzed into class the following day and demanded a makeup. Your day of the exam For, he offered the best excuse but no documentation to back it up. Day after was The, “on him”.

He insisted I check out his reason and walked out in a huff when I refused. The next day he arrived in with this same crappy attitude and then got really nasty as I refused to cope with him. At Packemin, I would have been responsible for documenting, contacting parents and eventually, Mr. AP would have accused me of leading to the nagging problem.

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Not so now. I reported the incident to the chairman of the department who was appalled at Shithead’s behavior and insisted no teacher put up with it. She then provided me the real name of the Dean responsible for such incidences. I couldn’t reach him by phone therefore i sent an e-mail, detailing the behavior.

Long story short, I didn’t want to do anything else. Shithead was raised on charges. He sent an apology e-mail, apologized in person and he understands that another incident such as this means he is out of the school. There shouldn’t be kids like Shithead in university but there are. At least the only Shitheads in the educational school I work in now are the students. It is good not to be doing work for the Shitheads running schools anymore.

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