We Do What We Think Is Important

Did you understand the brain can be an organ that regulates the functions of the body? Often times we block the way of our brain. It’s seeking to tell us to consume right, exercise, and get plenty of rest, but we go full rebel on ourselves. Of hearing might know about do Instead, we do what we think is important. Health and fitness haven’t made the key list for many folks.

We are so caught up in doing things that never include workouts or cooking a wholesome meal. We would rather sit with our faces buried within an illuminated display with a bag of chips. Well, everyone has occupied lives and there is someone busier than you are training right now.

When are we going to permit our brain to regulate our muscles during a great workout? The body is not designed to sit in an office chair all day moving to the couch for the remainder of the night. It’s designed to be challenged, worked, and exercised. We have to get real and admit we’re not taking responsibility for our health and wellness and fitness. Being overweight and poor laboratory email address details are not taken significantly.

Walking around in denial pertains to most of the population. We’re pretending there isn’t any problem. When we change our mindset is when our muscles start responding in positive ways. We need to do what’s important not what we should think is important. Your health equals joy and a quality life.

You can do those other activities with a wholesome, stronger body. If we don’t make time for our health and wellness and fitness, illness will make time for all of us. Life is too short to continue to understand this mixed up. All in fitness love. Be well and Stay Healthy! Are you reading my articles on Verywell? Grab some coffee or tea and head on over for some great diet and fitness info!

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  • Time – how much time you must exercise each workout
  • Believe in dignity and the need for the individual
  • High Protein Diet
  • 4 tablespoons Milk
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I mean who can diet during all those parties. Why must I deny myself? In my mind I understand that I cannot just wish myself leaner and it happens. I understand that I must put in the time and be dedicated but my heart doesn’t follow my mind. I must have the dedication and will-power to keep trying.

How do you change your center? My heart desires chips, salsa, cheese, and pasta! Is it my center really? I don’t know but what I do know is I need a change. I need to be less worried of failure. I need to recognize that God is in charge, that is if I let him be. My nephew got his tonsils & adenoids removed back in December and I took care of him a few days. I attempted relentlessly to get him to consume & drink. I followed him around with a cup of water constantly looking to get him to drink.

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