HOWEVER IN The Spirit Of Transparency

Kylie Makeup products has released their latest eyeshadow palette, Blue Honey. And I will not be buying. I have a complete lot of valid known reasons for not attempting to buy this palette, and I’ll reach those in a bit. However in the heart of transparency, I feel it essential to say that I highly doubt I’ll buy anything from Kylie Cosmetics in the near future, and that is because this is a brandname that I must say i can’t stand.

And let me just step in right here to clarify that I am not saying that Kylie Cosmetics products are bad. I am saying that the price tag on the products is not related the quality of them. Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop are owned by the same company and turn out with extremely similar products and formulas, which is normal for brands under a mother or father company. The main problem I’ve with Kylie Cosmetics is what is so fantastic about Colourpop, which is the style of manufacturing trendy makeup at affordable prices. Kylie Cosmetics is a company that requires those same trendy products and upcharges more than double to have a famous person’s name on it.

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And while I have never attempted anything from Kylie Cosmetics because it’s not a brandname that I like or especially want to aid, they never have released whatever personally appealed to me also. If this is a Colourpop palette, I feel like I would have purchased it right away, without even considering what else was in my own collection.

And that is so disappointing because I know better by now! But luckily, Kylie Cosmetics released it and charged way too much, which brought me to my senses back. Have you any idea what I like so much about this palette? That it generally does not look exactly like almost every other palette that is available. I believe it’s really fantastic, truly, that people are hitting saturation in the makeup community. The known fact is, for those folks with large selections, there seriously isn’t really heading to be much, if anything, that can be released that we don’t already own for some reason.

People who still have a spending/make-up addiction or are caught up in the euphoria of shopping for new things will find saturation unpleasant. An itch is had by them to buy, but there isn’t anything left for them to buy. And it is at this stage that we need to look inward from what we curently have (which is, essentially, everything) and use that instead of always looking for what’s coming next.

Blue Honey doesn’t so certainly appear to be something I already own though. It appears different, and I like different. 38 (excluding taxes and shipping-we will get compared to that), I also know that this palette is not worth that price. When I look at this picture, I see a lot of things that I already own. I visit a complete lot of red-toned warm brows, a taupe, a copper, and some blues. Breaking it down like that, I realize that I already have these types of colors. What drew my eyes in the most were the blue shades, but invest the those away, this is actually the same as everything we’ve seen before.

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